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Apirl 30th, the Iron Man 3 Mask model is ready, try to finish the painting soon! Read more…

May 8th, finish the painted iron man mask, but color is quite bright red, will update the color soon. Read more…

May 11th, add the LED light in one predator mask. Read more…

x400 goggle

Jun 17th, we decide to run a contest for promotional numen page on facebook. Airsoft players, wanna win a FREE X400 Wind Dust Tactical Goggles? Then likes, comments & share it to your firends.

Winners will post on this page when the contest is over!

What should i do if i win, is it totally free? Yes, free x400 goggle and free shipping, we will PM you via facebook, all you need to do is offer your full address.

How many free X400? There are 15 free X400 tactical goggles, provided by WishaSports.

Is there any other free gift? This is our first contest, if it running successfully, we consider add more prizes and other contests.

Got it, let’s go:

Oct 15th, After 2 weeks’ hand making, the first model of the “Master Chief” Helmet finally finished. Read more…

Oct 19th, Numen Fiberglass Metal Mesh “Master Chief” Helmet finished painting. Read more…

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