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How to make resin fiberglass mask

Numen Resin Fiberglass Mask for Airsoft, Cosplay

2013-11-22 07:50:29

Below some parts of the process show numen made resin fiberglass masks.

照片 114 resin 照片 001 照片 002 照片 009 照片 010 照片 011 照片 020 照片 024 照片 028 照片 036 照片 037 照片 049 照片 060 照片 061 照片 062 照片 065 照片 071 照片 073 照片 074 照片 075 照片 078 照片 079 照片 080 照片 083 照片 084 照片 085 照片 087 照片 089 照片 090 照片 091 照片 092 照片 101 照片 109 照片 110 照片 112

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Numen Fiberglass Metal Mesh "Master Chief" Helmet Finished Painting

2013-10-19 02:40:42

Well, after some days colors testing and painting , we finaly finished it. Here show the some pictures to share . Later, need to consider the inner liner parts.
Will show more pictures when finished.
Welcome to comment it if you have any idea !

master-chief-helmet-4 master-chief-helmet-3 master-chief-helmet-2 master-chief-helmet-1 master-chief-helmet-5

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Numen Fiberglass Metal Mesh "Master Chief" Helmet will release

2013-10-15 02:13:15

After 2 weeks’ hand making, the first model of the “Master Chief” Helmet finally finished.

Here show the pictures to have a look first.

halo 3- 4 halo 3-2 halo 3-5 Halo 3- 1 halo 3- 3

It will Crafted from high quality fiberglass for maximum durability and to be light weight

Individually hand crafted and hand painted

Unique aggressive look to enhance field presence.

Will show the pictures when finish the painting later.

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Why Use Resin Fiberglass to Make Airsoft Mask

2013-05-27 10:05:31

In the blog — Airsoft Mask Category for players, I marked that the most personalized airsoft masks are made of resin&fiberglass. Here I want to state why use resin&fiberglass to make airsoft mask.

It is known that resin casting is a method of plastic casting where a mold is filled with a liquid synthetic resin, which then hardens. Numen Airsoft Masks commonly uses the unsaturated polyester resin which is extremely strong and very durable: resistant to most chemicals, stretching and shrinking, wrinkle resistant, mildew and abrasion resistant. That make you safety which is the most important thing when you playing.


The fiberglass cloth is fiberglass fabric as the substrate, coating polymet anti-emulsion soaking. It is strong and is often used where it may be visible and therefore aesthetics are important. Numen Airsoft masks lay the high quality fiberglass fabric in the resin in order to make the structural more strong. So commonly, this airsoft mask series withstand the hit of high power airsoft rifle at 500+ fps.


As a Trend, airsoft game players are more and more personalized. Numen Airsoft Masks hope to produce more and more personalized masks to meet this demand. For example, some players are the fans of Iron Man, they use the Iron Man airsoft masks; some players are more like AVP, they prefer to wear the Predator airsoft masks; some other players worship templar knights, they would like to take the Templar Knights Airsoft Masks etc.

So, what do you prefer to use?

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Airsoft Mask Category for Players

2013-05-18 04:57:59

After some years’ airsoft masks manufacturing and playing, here I separate them into 3 series.

Hope could take some help to all of the new beginner of the airsoft player.

1st, Wire Mesh Airsoft Masks Series

A, Half Face Wire Mesh Mask :

The Half Face Mask was designed for the airsoft players who chooses to wear goggles for eye protection. It is easily added underneath your goggle to give you that much needed lower face protection. At the same time the half mask can easily be removed or shifted down or behind without ever having to remove your goggles.

V1 and V2 strike wire mesh masks are the most popular ones on the airsoft mask market.

V1 Strike Wire Mesh Mask V2 Strike Wire Mesh Mask


V1 Strike Wire Mesh Mask                            V2 Strike Wire Mesh Mask

B, Full Face Wire Mesh Mask

The full face wire mesh mask  provides comfort and protection without the fogging and breathing issues associated with traditional full face masks. V3 and V6 strike wire mesh masks are the most popular ones on the airsoft mask market.

V3 Strike Wire Mesh MaskV6 Strike Wire Mesh Mask

V3 Strike Wire Mesh Mask     V6 Strike Wire Mesh Mask


2nd, Plastic Airsoft Masks Series

For the airsoft masks, seems that first design like the paintball mask. Full Face Protection with Lens, and then also use the mesh to solve the fog problem.


Traditional Full Face Len MaskTraditional Full Face Mesh Mask

Traditional Full Face Len Mask         Traditional Full Face Mesh Mask


For airsoft new players, someone also like use the simple and cheap mask as below:

simple and cheap mask


As the airsoft developed step by step, some fashion factors was leaded into the airsoft mask design.The designer consider not only safety factor, but also the fashion,funny etc factors in order to make the game more interesting and the players more Personalized.

In plastic airsoft masks market, Skull mask,DC corp airsoft mask series and the M04 Style Dummy Airsoft Gas Mask are quite popular nowadays .


Normal Skull Airsoft Masks1 Normal Skull Airsoft Masks2 Normal Skull Airsoft Masks3


Normal Skull Airsoft Masks

Desert Corp Airsoft Mask Series1 Desert Corp Airsoft Mask Series2M04 Style dummy airsoft gas mask

Desert Corp Airsoft Mask Series(Film factor Masks)      M04 Style dummy airsoft gas mask


3rd, Resin&Fiberglass Airsoft Mask Series


This airsoft mask series is the most Personalized nowadays, it is like the custom mask in high quality resin&fiberglass, not only keep you safety(Withstand the hit of high power airsoft rifle at 500+ fps), but also show the players’ individuality. It is more and more popular for airsoft players now. Here just show some metal mesh masks:


ironman-gloden mask ironman-sliver mask  red skull mask  skull mask

army of 2 mask star mask wolf 2.0 mask wolf 2.5 mask


so, if you have any new idea for airsoft mask, note us. We could build the mask better together.

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Predators Series Airsoft Masks Will Release the LED Version

2013-05-11 01:45:51


The Predator (or Yautja) is a fictional extraterrestrial species featured in the Predator science-fiction franchise, characterised by its trophy hunting of other dangerous species for sport. First introduced in 1987 as the main antagonistof the film Predator, the Predator creatures returned in the sequels Predator 2 (1990), and Predators (2010), as well as an appearance in the cross-over series, “Aliens vs. Predator” in the films Alien vs. Predator (2004), and Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007).

Numen Inc. made a predator series airsoft masks before. it is new safety masks made of resin&glassfiber with metal mesh eyes protection. High intensity material made it withstand the hit of 500+fps power.

And the handmade crafted painting make it quite Simulation as the real Predators. So when play airsoft game, wear it, first of all, safety ! second, cool !

Recently, we consider another thing. How about making them with LED lights ?

It could use to illuminate in night play need. Also, it could use for Cosplay or Halloween.

We consider make them with white, blue or red LED lights.

Today, I tried to add the LED light in one mask, you could check the below pictures.

What about your idea for it ? Let’s build the mask better together!

predator-led-01 predator-led-03 predator-led-02

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