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Airsoft M50 Dummy Gas Mask with Fan Ventilation


Item Description:

  • Made of High Quality & Durable plastic material
  • Toxic Mask Style Full Face Protection Mask
  • Thermal Goggle Lens offer a High Protection with clear sight
  • Carefully design to allow space between mask & month for easy breathing
  • Internal air circulation system, breathable excellent and anti fog
  • Adjustable & Elastic Belt Strap
  • Good for outdoor game, paintball, airsoft and training purpose but this is not for anti-virus protection

Item Specification:

– Major Color: Black
– Built Material: High Quality ABS
– Manufacturer: Numen
– Item Number: NM118
Noted: Release in April,2014, Accept Preorder

Read More:

This is a dummy replica M50 Gas Mask as used by military forces and law enforcement around the world. This is non-functioning dummy gas mask that does not protect you from harmful gases, viruses or nuclear radiation, it is purely for recreational use. The mask has a built-in mini computer fan to promote air circulation and prevent fogging, this fan is functional, quiet. Dedicated to the war games, military training, and film and television shooting. Wear a helmet headset, and can easily cheek to aim and shoot! “Chiefs” selling is not just a mask but the military aesthetics!

WS24138B-A WS24138B-B

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